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Historic McCarthy Building Sink
Historic building in Kennicott Alaska Photo by Dallas Wildeve

A list maker and goal setter I am, it can’t be denied. As an artist my goals, to do lists, and such are sometimes in more of a pictorial form. Since I was a child I have loved to make collages. Lucky to have an artist for a mother I was allowed to cover every inch of my ways with magazine pages, postcards, book pages, and posters. Pinterest is a dream as far as this goes. Loads of amazing images available of just about everything you can dream of. Often I do use Pinterest as a tool for floral and design work, but sometimes it is more of a place to simply collect images that I like. It really isn’t too different than my walls as a teenager, except now there is the internet! A sink in the shop has been one of those things on my list for over 3 years now. Yikes! No more utility sink down the hall!  Here is to new year goals and gifts to ones self. I am calling the plumber this week and scheduling a date! Let’s hope the plumbing  in this 100 year old section of the building can be revamped. You can check out my sink dreams here on this Pinterest board and all my other Pins here. If you like flowers it will be treat I promise!

Image found on Pinterest original source unknown
Image found on Pinterest original source unknown

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