A Visit From Relic Photographic

A few months back when it was below zero and Spring was light years away Relic Photographic came over for the day to play with flowers, take photos and talk weddings. Here is a peak into my world through the lenses of Relic.

Relic photo shoot


Forcing Spring and Savoring Winter

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IMG_1326   IMG_5910


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The words are not coming out in very eloquent sentences, but I felt the need to share these photos…

#1 A woman full of such sparkle who I had the pleasure of meeting in Saturday’s workshop.

#2 Foraged florals washed out with sunshine. Sunshine that felt oh so good.

# 3 A photo texted to me from a friend visiting the Met in New York.

# 4 Celebrating life…too many of these flowers this week, makes my heart heavy.

# 5 Creating new options for Valentine’s orders. May you all order early.

# 6 New workshop schedule to come out soon…There will be a workshop all about color and not just in floral design, in the home, and fashion too.

The last two photos…

My grandmother an immigrant to this country  and the words of Anne Frank.






No Crying Tonight

Turned off the depressing news not long after turning it on and replaced it with Van Morrison and danced around the house putting flowers together this morning. Packed up the flowers with hot water bottles safely in totes. Discovered a low tire, solved with the magical air compressor. Went to the friendliest post office in America was told by the post woman I am funny and always make her laugh. Drove an hour in a beautiful beast of a truck. Pulled over half a dozen times to let those in a hurry pass. Turned down Glacier Park Road. Curve after curve I wondered what I would find at the end. A family of buildings most still in progress, Alaska style. She opened the gate and said two more miles to the building he will meet you there with the snow machine. Flashback to when life had me on a snow-machine daily parts of the year. I noticed how warm the sun felt waiting. Hopped in the sled with two strangers and off we went. Photographer had a beaming smile to warm your soul and her husband looked familiar. Played our game with such foreign items in this beautiful place. The guide complimented the spruce in the bridal bouquet. Model started to freeze time to pack up. Some of these strangers no longer feeling like strangers. Made it home just before dark. Filled the wood box made a fire and a drink. Van Morrison the Healing Game is permeating the house again. Back at the dining room table finishing wedding bids. “Sometimes we cry” he sings. No crying tonight.





Fireside Morning

Woke a little after six with that sort of guilt that I should put new life into the fire that went out during the night. The sort of guilt that all wood stove owners know. With the sound of the furnace kicking on repeatedly downstairs I knew the temp had dropped. My phone screen informs me it will be below zero all of today and dropping to -22 tomorrow. The other side of my brain is thinking tropical palm fronds, ranunculus, anthurium,  and summer elopement picnics. Photos of the wood stove don’t seem to do this nice morning scene of mine much justice so here are some summer elopement photos to warm your heart. Thanks to the talented Joel Allegretto for capturing love and the beautiful light of Alaska with his camera and thank you to Erin of Alaska Destination Weddings for pulling off what I would say are pretty much fairy tale elopements.

More on the palm fronds later.

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/jen-max

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/jen-max

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/jen-max

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/jen-max

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/jen-max




Flowers in Review

It is a time when we all review, reflect, dream, set goals, and plan. I did one of my favorite planning activities today and started my seed orders. The list of varieties is getting smaller, but the quantities larger.  Sort of like a wardrobe, over time you figure out what works for you and abandon the rest.

Earlier today in the bath tub I found on my phone the photo I thought was perfect for this post and then a stream of ideas came to me. They were all ideas that sprouted from the photo. A few hours passed. By the time I sat down next to the stove with the computer to write, the ideas had slipped away.  Procrastinating, I looked for the photo on my computer. As soon as I saw it all the ideas all flooded back! I found myself thinking about that feeling, sitting in that big red chair a few stories up, gazing out at a timeless sea of green. A sea of so many variations of greens. I think of this photo when I describe variations of greens to brides. As an artist there are many moments where you see it all perfectly in your head, but can’t describe it to the person sitting across from you. img_6146We walked for hours with the owner of the this olive orchard and I collected a few items deposited when it was a sea floor long ago. Those treasures now sit in a little dish my Mother gave me next to my bath tub, my own private sea. We sat around the fire tonight trying to recall travel dates from the last few years and of course could not agree, but that is not the part that matters….the part that we value are the memories.

Back to that sea of green…. Why do I do this florist thing, farming thing…

It is the joy it brings to me and to others. I love the whole process of it. I love the seed planning, flower ordering, foraging, meeting the peony farmer in the parking lot for a sale,   the wedding day adrenaline rush, the smiles on faces when we deliver an unexpected arrangement. I love bringing home the left overs and watching them decay over time. Florals are ephemeral.  There is no better word to describe it! They are beautiful and then they are gone, but this is what makes them so special. How do I tell this to a customer who wants “long lasting flowers” or is upset their flowers are starting to die after a few days…Let me remind you the vase life for many of these amazing beauties is only five days….five days and they have to travel to Alaska in the winter first, so you do the math.  The greens are often still there after days and they are beautiful. Back to those greens…. The Pantone color of the year, in fact.
“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.
Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate…”

The next time I feel stressed in this florist madness I am going to think of the sea of green from this window in Italy. Here’s to the new year. May it be all those things described in the Pantone blurb… zesty, fresh, restorative, fortifying, invigorating….