City of Love & Art

Paris on a grey day last December
One of many inspiring flower shops
My favorite ceiling
Foraged arrangement from the French country side
A small treasure in the Louvre


This Weekend I checked into a hot springs resort and unplugged for a couple days. No internet, no phone, no news, summed up as no outside world. One of the first emails I read when I reunited with my iPhone was about the attacks in Paris. It didn’t actually mention the attacks, but I could tell quickly something horrible had happened. The last four years I have spent time in France and Paris and it has a special place in my heart as it does for many people in the world. I think of it as a city of art, love, romance, and so many wonderful things. I will continue to think of it this way and I will continue to travel to France. It is difficult to read of the worlds pains right now and feel like there is not much I can do. For now I will stick to flowers as I think they are my way of bringing joy to others and myself.

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