December Desert Dessert and Darkness


December a month of desert travels, desserts, and darkness. There was also the theme of foraging greens. The amount of greens it takes to make a wreath might surprise those who have not done so. There were flowers I gifted to friends(those are the best kind) and flowers I bought for myself even better and flowers I hoarded for my own Christmas party….the very best kind.

img_0872  img_0847

Not my flowers, but flowers that caught my eye in a tiny little one room gallery of local artists in Santa Fe.

A short vacation to New Mexico was a treat of color and endless tasty food. Having traveled to Southern New Mexico numerous times it was great to explore the northern part of the state. I felt like I was in Georgia O’Keeffe land! The colors and light are magical in the desert yellow, purple, red, turquoise… The colors are present everywhere, fashion, food, architecture,  the rocks, the sky…



fullsizerender-163                    img_0779

We called it the best seat in the house. Front window bay in a very eclectic restaurant. So good we went back the next day. Garlic bread served with all meals! Damn good house margaritas for cheap. Decor to win my heart over, bright paintings, vintage lace, rustic tables, and of course the color turquoise. img_0757

Old Map of Santa Fe



Ghost Ranch was even better than I imagined. Having loved Georgia O’Keeffe since I was a little girl it was really special to be in this place that is so full of her.

“The meaning of a word to me is not as exact as the meaning of a color. Colors and shapes make a more definite statement than words.” Georgia O’Keeffe 




Flowers for my table…yes, you read that correctly. Made myself five arrangements for my holiday party. Not leftovers from somebody else’s wedding actual arrangements for me. A Christmas Eve dinner with almost 30 seated friends and one  fantastic bonfire. Thankful for so many lovely cards and thoughtful gifts….on a weird note both of my parents sent us sunflowers in our packages for Christmas. My Dad sent tasty roasted sunflowers to eat and my Mom sent a rare variety of sunflower seeds for us to grow. Two people who haven’t seen each other in twenty years on the same sunflower wavelength.

 Christmas Eve bonfire

Goodbye 2016 thinking as positive as I can for 2017. May it be full of flowers.

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