Flowers In Every Room

Chrysanthemums -Renoir
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Flower Girl in Holland- George Hitchcock
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Still Life With Monkey, Fruit, and Flowers- Jean- Baptiste Oudry
Lotus Lilies- Charles Courtney Curron
Londonderry Vase
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New York Street- Childe Hassam
Smells like Spring in the shop today

A two day mini Chicago vacation on the way home from holiday travels was a perfect way to start the year. The Art Institute of Chicago was decorated in real greens for the holidays which made it even more amazing than I was expecting. I am just a sucker for beautiful museums. There is a feeling I have when exploring a museum that is something like being a seven year old girl in her most beautiful dress floating on a cloud. One of the few places in life these days in cities where we are encouraged to slow down and enjoy beauty. The Thorne miniature rooms had me feeling like a child even more. Over 60 rooms recreated with amazing details of textiles, furniture, architecture, and there were flowers in almost every single one of them from the California living room of 1940 to the Massachusetts kitchen of 1675. A pleasant reminder that flowers in our homes is timeless! Back home in Alaska I am trying to figure out what to fill the shop windows with in January. It is too early for Valentines decor and the holidays have passed. Maybe a mix of Winter wonderland and Spring blossoms as the weather outside seems to be pretty confused right now.


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