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Life is full of seasons, years, ways we measure the passing of time. Being a sentimental person I tend to have many thoughts brewing in my head at this time of year. Goals, regrets, hopes, and questions. I am sitting outside on a warm patio in the middle of Los Angeles as I write this… not my natural environment to say the least. The heat from the sun feels good and the green grass, trees and flowers in December feels a bit unreal. If I did just a quick inventory of the trees and plants I can see from here it would be far over 30. You would think it would be a florist and farmers paradise, but I will admit this is not paradise to me. Paradise for me is Alaska. The place I have called home for almost 20 years. A place where there are miles of what many would think of as “nothing”. My growing season and sundress season may be short compared to others, but I am happy with it. Yes, I will admit to frustrations with a late frost some years or times when the cold gets to me a bit and I long to be in a place where I could run outside barefoot any day of the year. The grass can always be greener, but I think I truly love this grass…the one that is frozen and often white from October to late April. The list could go on, but I will move on to my next thoughts.

A couple weeks ago the “Instagram best nine” started to appear in my Instagram feed. I followed the link looked at my square of photos and didn’t feel a need to share them… Instead I decided to curate my own best nine for the year.  These photos I feel represent the year for Bloomsbury Blooms. The challenges, the triumphs, the joy, and beauty.

Photo Joel Allegretto
Relic Photographic A sea of pink Bloomsbury Blooms
Photo Relic Photographic
Fall sneak peek (8 of 21)
Photo Anne Marie Moran
Photo Anne Marie Moran 
alaska_styled_shoot(47of58) copy
Photo Anne Marie Moran 
Photo Chugach Peaks Photography 
Photo Anne Blodgett 
Photo Amanda Kolstedt Photography 
Photo Amanda Crowe Photography




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