Time, seasons, change, metamorphosis…

Chugach Peaks Photography 

Time is always passing, the seasons help us mark this. Flowers and plants do this for me with each season as I find myself excited for new foraging and flowers, but sad for those gone until next year. The snow has arrived in South Central Alaska this week marking the end of fall in my eyes. Wednesday was the last local dahlia delivery of the year and tubors will be sleeping for the winter… mine have never successfully survived a winter making me even more thankful for the farmers who have mastered this. With the arrival of Winter we also find ourselves with much more darkness… a restful thing in many ways after our manic light filled Summers!

Weddings are another big demarcation of time in our lives, our own, friends etc. As a florist I find myself at these life events often, but often just as a vendor. “Just” a vendor who loves to make floral arrangements, loves flowers, excuses for large parties, people dining together, and dressing up! This Fall I did the wedding flowers for the man who I spent more than a decade of my life with. It was an honor and one of the most cathartic things I have ever done in my life. They were damn beautiful florals too!

All of these photos represent time passing and change in their own ways for me.

Here’s to the constant metamorphis in life and all of us.

Photo Daniel Kim 
Relic Photographic 


Photo Dallas Wildeve
Erica Rose Photography 

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